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Why You Need to Learn About Motion Graphics

If you’re a fan of the show Mad Men or have seen the opening, then you’ve seen a motion graphic. Motion graphics were all the rage in the 1960s (hence the look for the Mad Men series set in the advertising field of the 1960s) and were popular in movies, TV show openings and commercials. You’ve seen […]

YouTube Marketing Tips: A Great Social Media Tool!

If you didn’t catch the article, “Do People Read Your Site Information?” you should give it a read, but, as it explains, people will rarely read more than 60% of an entire article. So, how do you market your business if you can’t have the information in written form? The easy answer is to give […]

iTech News: Facebook’s Competition, Sulia, Screen Sharing

The web moves quickly and sites come and go, but who would have thought that one day Facebook might go the way of MySpace? Well, new apps, new functions, new consumer expectations drive the web and here’s some great new things everyone should know.

Utilizing Video Marketing to Optimize Search Engine Results

Video content sites like YouTube are quickly becoming the most popular platforms for content sharing and information awareness. Using video to market for website is a great opportunity to increase the exposure of your online business and a fantastic way to increase the the search engine ranking for your site. When using a search engine […]

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