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The Continuing Price War among Web Hosting Providers

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The latest release of budget web hosting providers shows Netspaceindia offering monthly hosting for the low, low price of $1 on the Linux operating system. This monthly package is equipped with 500 MB of disk space. For most businesses this is not nearly enough, however, for any startup company or personal website, this is one of the best deals available besides free hosting.

Based out of Nasik, India, Netspaceindia is widely regarded as India’s fastest growing web hosting provider and domain Registration Company. Established in 2004, Netspaceindia has been providing users in India and other countries across the world with a variety of web hosting types including:

  • Windows hosting
  • Linux hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • VPS server hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Tomcat hosting
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In 2011, Netspaceindia has found a way to offer the most basic services at $1 per month. With this package, webmasters can host a single domain, have 10 email accounts, are granted 500 MB’s of disk space, can utilize 2 MySQL databases, are able to utilize cPanel control panel software and can access around the clock customer support with instant activation. There is a small fee for the customer service.

The executives at Netspaceindia boast that their main priority is to deliver a reliable web hosting product and offer support to their customers to ensure they will succeed in the internet game. The Linux web hosting deal for $1 provides enough disk space to initially create and run a website. However, this will not last long and users must upgrade. Luckily, Netspaceindia has a plethora of upgrade packages that are affordable and provide a variety of features.

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Every month you read about a web hosting provider that is lowering their price to beat the competition. Well, Netspaceindia is doing exactly that. At $1 per month with basic features, the price almost cannot get lower than that. Of course this is a marketing ploy to draw customers in and have them upgraded as their website grows. However this is simple capitalism and a great way to increase the number of clients.

Although their $1 Linux hosting plan does not offer much, do not judge the company solely on this. That plan is their most basic and the company provides a variety of other service and monthly plans chalk full of features. If you are looking for a web hosting company to start a site, try Netspaceindia and work through their many hosting plans.


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