The Newest Member of the Cloud Security Alliance

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Fully-managed web hosting provider, FireHost, recently announced that it has joined the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) as a corporate-level member. The company continues to lead the secure cloud hosting movement. With their new membership, FireHost is joining members whose focus is on creating a trustworthy, secure cloud community aimed at conducting business. At the corporate member level, FireHost will work with the alliance to develop security measures for the cloud settings.

FireHost’s Role

FireHost currently protects mission critical websites in 23 countries that are typically high-targets for cybercriminals. The provider recently announced the first PCI 2.0 compliant public cloud hosting service. This is a major step toward making cloud hosting more reliable and secure.

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Information about the Cloud Security Alliance

The Cloud Security Alliance is a not-for-profit group whose objective is to promote best practice usage with regards to security assurance in the cloud computing industry. The organization also educates on the uses of the technology to build security for all forms of computing. The Cloud Security Alliance consists of industry practitioners, associations, corporations and stakeholders.

FireHost’s New Involvement

With their new membership, FireHost will immediately begin contributing to a variety of initiatives within the organization. For example, the newest toolkit for cloud, enterprise and security providers is Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC). Therefore, FireHost will assist the group with developing standards, compliance requirements and best practices in this area.

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A Statement from the CEO of FireHost

Founder and CEO of FireHost released a statement expressing the importance of the alignment between FireHost and the sharing of goals for protecting online information. He further recognized that the Cloud Security Alliance has reached many accomplishments such as bringing together the industry around a centralized mission and continuing to develop best practices for all cloud providers.

Furthermore, he recognized FireHost’s deep experience in the virtualized world which is an excellent addition to the alliance. The company is confident they will be an asset to the group and develop new innovations to improve best practices for the cloud computing providers.

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One of the biggest issues with cloud computing is the security. Luckily with organizations like the Cloud Security Alliance, innovative technology, standardization and centralization are developed and implemented in the cloud community. With the expertise of FireHost, the cloud computing industry has moved one step closer to a standardized and secure computing environment for all providers and customers.

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