How to Transfer Folder or Directory Using SCP Command in Linux

In this post, I will show the basic syntax on how to use secure copy (SCP) command to transfer the directory between linux servers. SCP allows directory to be transferred to, from, or between Linux or Unix hosts. It uses ssh for data transfer and provides the same authentication and same level of security as […]

How to Troubleshoot the Directory Server System Tuning Analysis Warning and Notice in CentOS

Before we proceed to install and configure the directory server, we must check for minimum operating requirements. This checking and scanning task can be done by using the linux or unix dsktune command utility. The dsktune utility will help you to scans the system for potential problems, required patches and dependencies and then provide the […]

How to Install 389 Directory Server on CentOS/RHEL

On this guide i will show you on how to install 389 directory server on CentOS server. This guide assume that your CentOS server has been completely installed with minimum packages and the hostname and FQDN also has been configured correctly. According to CentOS Wiki, As of May 2009, the CentOS Directory server is officially […]

How to Resolve init: Id “x” respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes

In most of linux distributions, this message means that the system boot by default into runlevel 5, which is supposed to respawn (re-start again after it’s been exited) a gui login via x windows, kdm, gdm, or whatever, but the system can’t locate the program. Consequently, the following logs will continue to appear on your […]

How to Remove Games and Entertainment in Linux

When you installing CentOS, game also included in the the Operating system. Apart from the Games and Entertainment section there were games that were present in the gnome-games. However, there is the simple way to trace and remove this game. Please use below command: [root@server ~]# yum grouplist | grep -i game Games and Entertainment […]

How to Install ADWLauncher and ADWLauncher EX on Android

ADW.Launcher, is a Opensource home replacement application. Meanwhile the ADWLauncher EX is a highly customizable home replacement application that require you to buy it before use. It’s beyond tweaking your android desktop. What is a home replacement application? Is an normal android application that will run when you press your android phone’s HOME key. It’s […]

How to Show the Tables in a MySQL Database Server

In this guide i will guide you the simple step to show the table on the database server. Assume that the wordpress blog has been installed and running fine with the following database details: Database Name : wp1db Database User : wp1user Database Password : wp1password Go to the terminal or ssh to MySQL Database […]

How to Fix “missing the MySQL extension” on Linux

I believe most users who try to install WordPress on a Linux server encountered this problem. This problem occurs if Apache, PHP and MySQL server has been installed but without or missing the MySQL extension. Follow the steps below to resolve this issue : Problem : I’m installing WordPress blog system under CentOS Linux or […]

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