How to Fix “ERROR : Could not find tsearch2.sql file” While Starting the PostgreSQL Database

In this guide, we will address the “ERROR: Could not find tsearch2.sql file” that occurs while starting the PostgreSQL database.

This error is caused by the missing tsearch2.sql file, which is required for configuring text search functionality in PostgreSQL.

We will go through the steps to fix this problem and ensure that your PostgreSQL database starts without any issues.

The desired outcome is to successfully start the PostgreSQL database without encountering the “ERROR: Could not find tsearch2.sql file” message.

Step 1: Locate the tsearch2.sql file

First, you need to locate the tsearch2.sql file in your system. It’s usually found within the PostgreSQL installation directory, under the “contrib” folder. You can use the “find” command to search for the file:

find / -name tsearch2.sql 2>/dev/null

Take note of the file’s location for future reference.

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Step 2: Connect to the PostgreSQL database

Connect to the PostgreSQL database using the “psql” command. Replace “your_database” with the name of the database you want to connect to:

psql your_database

Step 3: Run the tsearch2.sql script

Once connected to the database, you need to execute the tsearch2.sql script to configure the text search functionality. Use the “\i” command to run the script:

\i /path/to/tsearch2.sql

Replace “/path/to/tsearch2.sql” with the actual path you found in Step 1.

Step 4: Restart the PostgreSQL service

After running the script, exit the PostgreSQL shell and restart the PostgreSQL service to apply the changes:

sudo service postgresql restart

Now, your PostgreSQL database should start without any issues related to the tsearch2.sql file.

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Commands and Their Functions:

  1. find – Searches for files and directories in a directory hierarchy based on different criteria.
  2. psql – A terminal-based front-end to PostgreSQL that enables you to interact with the database server.
  3. \i – Executes the content of the specified SQL script file within the PostgreSQL shell.
  4. sudo service postgresql restart – Restarts the PostgreSQL service to apply changes and configurations.

The Outcome

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you have successfully resolved the “ERROR: Could not find tsearch2.sql file” issue when starting the PostgreSQL database. As a result, your PostgreSQL database should now start without any errors related to the missing tsearch2.sql file, and the text search functionality should be properly configured.


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