How to install and Configure NTP client on CentOS/RHEL to Synchronize the Clock

NTP, Network Time Protocol, it is an Internet protocol used to synchronize the clocks of computers or servers to some NTP server on internet or intranet. In CentOS, it is very easy to install and configure the ntp client.

Install your NTP client using yum command:

    [root@server ~]# yum install ntp
    Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
    Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
     * addons:
     * base:
     * epel:
     * extras:
     * updates:
    Setting up Install Process
    Resolving Dependencies
    --> Running transaction check
    ---> Package ntp.x86_64 0:4.2.2p1-9.el5.centos.2.1 set to be updated
    --> Finished Dependency Resolution
    Dependencies Resolved
     Package      Arch            Version                            Repository     Size
     ntp          x86_64          4.2.2p1-9.el5.centos.2.1           base          1.3 M
    Transaction Summary
    Install       1 Package(s)
    Upgrade       0 Package(s)
    Total download size: 1.3 M
    Is this ok [y/N]: y
    Downloading Packages:
    ntp-4.2.2p1-9.el5.centos.2.1.x86_64.rpm                       | 1.3 MB     00:04
    Running rpm_check_debug
    Running Transaction Test
    Finished Transaction Test
    Transaction Test Succeeded
    Running Transaction
      Installing     : ntp                                                           1/1
      ntp.x86_64 0:4.2.2p1-9.el5.centos.2.1

Configure your ntp.conf file and pointing to your NTP server

    [root@server ~]# vi /etc/ntp.conf
    server     //set this to your primary NTP server  - Line 17
    server     //set this to your Secondary NTP server (Optional)  - Line 18
    server     //set this to your tertiary  NTP server(Optional)  - Line 19

As for example :

    server ntp1.server.local
    server ntp2.server.local

Restart your ntp client using below command:

    [root@server ~]# service ntpd restart


    [root@server ~]# /etc/init.d/ntpd restart

Test your ntp client status whether properly configured or not by running below command:

    [root@server ~]# ntpq -p

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