How to Install Apache httpd on Linux Fedora 16 Server

This post will guide you how to install apache httpd service on linux Fedora 16. Apache HTTP is a popular web server for linux servers. Follow this steps to install apache httpd service.

Simply run this command :

[root@fedora16 ~]# yum install httpd -y
Setting up Install Process
Resolving Dependencies
--> Running transaction check
---> Package httpd.i686 0:2.2.21-1.fc16 will be installed
--> Processing Dependency: httpd-tools = 2.2.21-1.fc16 for package: httpd-2.2.21-1.fc16.i686
--> Processing Dependency: /etc/mime.types for package: httpd-2.2.21-1.fc16.i686
--> Processing Dependency: for package: httpd-2.2.21-1.fc16.i686
--> Processing Dependency: for package: httpd-2.2.21-1.fc16.i686
--> Processing Dependency: apr-util-ldap for package: httpd-2.2.21-1.fc16.i686
--> Running transaction check
---> Package apr.i686 0:1.4.5-1.fc16 will be installed
---> Package apr-util.i686 0:1.3.12-1.fc16 will be installed
---> Package apr-util-ldap.i686 0:1.3.12-1.fc16 will be installed
---> Package httpd-tools.i686 0:2.2.21-1.fc16 will be installed
---> Package mailcap.noarch 0:2.1.38-1.fc16 will be installed
--> Finished Dependency Resolution

Dependencies Resolved

 Package                Arch            Version                  Repository                    Size
 httpd                  i686            2.2.21-1.fc16            Fedora16-Repository          811 k
Installing for dependencies:
 apr                    i686            1.4.5-1.fc16             Fedora16-Repository          103 k
 apr-util               i686            1.3.12-1.fc16            Fedora16-Repository           82 k
 apr-util-ldap          i686            1.3.12-1.fc16            Fedora16-Repository           16 k
 httpd-tools            i686            2.2.21-1.fc16            Fedora16-Repository           69 k
 mailcap                noarch          2.1.38-1.fc16            Fedora16-Repository           29 k

Transaction Summary
Install       6 Packages

Total download size: 1.1 M
Installed size: 3.4 M
Downloading Packages:
Total                                                               2.1 MB/s | 1.1 MB     00:00
Running Transaction Check
Running Transaction Test
Transaction Test Succeeded
Running Transaction
  Installing : mailcap-2.1.38-1.fc16.noarch                                                     1/6
  Installing : apr-1.4.5-1.fc16.i686                                                            2/6
  Installing : apr-util-1.3.12-1.fc16.i686                                                      3/6
  Installing : httpd-tools-2.2.21-1.fc16.i686                                                   4/6
  Installing : apr-util-ldap-1.3.12-1.fc16.i686                                                 5/6
  Installing : httpd-2.2.21-1.fc16.i686                                                         6/6

  httpd.i686 0:2.2.21-1.fc16

Dependency Installed:
  apr.i686 0:1.4.5-1.fc16                           apr-util.i686 0:1.3.12-1.fc16
  apr-util-ldap.i686 0:1.3.12-1.fc16                httpd-tools.i686 0:2.2.21-1.fc16
  mailcap.noarch 0:2.1.38-1.fc16


Configure your system to start Apache at boot time :

[root@fedora16 ~]# systemctl enable httpd.service

Start Apache service :

[root@fedora16 ~]# systemctl start httpd.service

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