How to Install CLion on Ubuntu

CLion is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used for C and C++ programming. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for development, debugging, and testing. In this guide, we will go through the steps to install CLion on Ubuntu.

Step 1: Download CLion

The first step is to download the CLion package from the JetBrains website. You can download the package from the following link:

Step 2: Extract the Package

After downloading the package, you need to extract it to a directory of your choice. To do this, open a terminal and navigate to the directory where the package is downloaded. Then, use the following command to extract the package:

tar -xzf clion-*.tar.gz

This will extract the package to a new directory named “clion-<version>” in the current directory.

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Step 3: Install Required Dependencies

Before running CLion, you need to install some required dependencies. To install the dependencies, open a terminal and use the following command:

sudo apt-get install libxrender1 libxtst6 libxi6

This will install the necessary dependencies for CLion.

Step 4: Run CLion

To run CLion, navigate to the extracted package directory and run the “bin/” script. You can do this by using the following commands:

cd clion-<version>/bin

This will launch the CLion IDE.

Step 5: Create a Desktop Entry (Optional)

To create a desktop entry for CLion, open a text editor and create a new file named “clion.desktop”. Then, copy and paste the following code into the file:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=IDE for C and C++ programming

Replace “/path/to/clion-<version>” with the actual path to the CLion installation directory. After saving the file, move it to the “/usr/share/applications” directory to make it available in the applications menu.

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Commands Mentioned:

  • sudo apt-get install – a command used to install packages in Ubuntu.
  • tar – a command used to extract files from a tar archive.
  • cd – a command used to change the current working directory.
  • ./ – a command used to run an executable file in the current directory.


In this guide, we have outlined the steps to install CLion on Ubuntu. By following these steps, you can now use CLion to develop C and C++ programs on your Ubuntu machine. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below.


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