How to Setup Monitorix – Network and System Monitoring Tool for Linux

Monitorix is an open source and lightweight system monitoring tool designed to monitor network and system resources in linux/UNIX operating system. Monitorix can collects network and system performce and also resources and then display the informations into graphs. it will help system adn network administrator to detect abnormal activities and detecting bottlenecks. This post will show to setup Monitorix on linux centOS 6.5.

1. Prepare additional repository (EPEL repository).
2. Install required packages :

[root@oss ~]# yum install rrdtool rrdtool-perl perl-libwww-perl perl-MailTools perl-MIME-Lite perl-CGI perl-DBI perl-XML-Simple perl-Config-General perl-HTTP-Server-Simple perl-IO-Socket-SSL -y

3. Install monitorix package :

[root@oss ~]# yum install monitorix -y

Once succesfully installed, please take a look into the configuration file /etc/monitorix.conf to fit your system and enable or disable graphs.

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4. Start Monitorix with below command :

[root@oss ~]# service monitorix start

Once started, Monitorix will start gathering the system information based on the configuration set in monitorix.conf file:

5. After a few minutes you should be able to see graph from your browser :





3 comments on “How to Setup Monitorix – Network and System Monitoring Tool for Linux

  • Patrickbull

    Thanks for the idea about your tool, but I think that I am using even a simpler tool called Anturis, which is really the simplest I have ever had.

  • RoseHosting

    The latest version (3.6.0) of Monitorix is even more functional. It has a statistical Libvirt graph, a processes statistics graph and many other useful features.

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