How to Setup NetHogs – Monitor Bandwidth Usage Per Process in Linux

NetHogs is a opensource tools to monitor network bandwidth that was used by the process and program in linux operating system. NetHogs does not rely on a special kernel module to be loaded. When you hit the high network traffic issue on your linux server, you can immediately find which PID is causing the issue. NetHogs will give you real time statistics of your network bandwidth of per process usage. Follow this steps to install NetHogs on linux CentOS 6.5 and the sample nethogs usage.

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1. Prepare additional repository (EPEL repository).

2. Install nethogs :

[root@oss ~]# yum install nethogs -y

3. NetHogs utility :

[root@oss ~]# nethogs

Sample output :
setup nethogs -1

4. NetHogs command option :
There are a few commad options when using nethogs. Using ‘-d‘ to add a refresh rate. As an example, to set 5 seconds as your refresh rate, then type the command as.

[root@oss ~]# nethogs -d 5

Other options :

-d     delay for refresh rate.
-h     display available commands usage.
-p     sniff in promiscious mode (not recommended).
-t     tracemode.
-V     prints Version info.

5. Monitor specific device (eth0 or eth1) network bandwidth only :

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a) Monitor eth0 bandwidth :

[root@oss ~]# nethogs eth0

a) Monitor eth0 and eth1 bandwidth :

[root@oss ~]# nethogs eth0 eth1

Reference :

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