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Linux Tutorials

How to Install crontab on CentOS 6.2

Crontab is a utility in Unix-like operating systems that allows users to schedule jobs (commands or scripts) to run automatically at specified times or intervals. It is very useful for…

Fedora 18

How to Install wget on Fedora 16

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of installing wget on a Fedora 16 server. The wget command is a free network utility for Linux that allows…


How to Install php-mcrypt on Fedora 16

php-mcrypt is a standard of PHP module that provides mcrypt library support. In linux systems,mcrypt is necessary for installing CMSes like majento. Before you start to install any software such…

How to Install Subversion 1.6.17 on Fedora 16

Apache Subversion (often abbreviated SVN) is a open source software versioning and revision control system. Some people called it source code control(SCC) software and source code management(SCM) software. By using…

Fedora 18

How to Install “setup” Command on Fedora 16

The “setup” command in Fedora is a utility that provides a text-based interface to configure various system settings and services. It allows you to perform tasks such as configuring network…