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Linux Tutorials

How to Delete User Account in Linux

There is an easy way to delete the user account on linux which is using userdel command. You can read the manual page of this userdel command by typing ‘man…


How to Add User into Group in Linux

There are two ways to add user into existing group which are useradd and usermod. The useradd command is to create a new user or update default new user information….


How to Find files in Linux

Files can be found under linux in many different ways. On this post, I will show you two simple way to find files in linux which are using locate and…


How to Remove Gnome-Desktop using Yum

After done some research, it is better if install the server without gnome-desktop or kde-desktop. This is due to high security and optimizing the server resources. For those who already…

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How to Start Blogging with Blogspot

I will guide you how to start blogging with Your blog name will end with at the end of the URL. For example Before start, please make…

How to Create a Blog for Free

There are so many free sites that offer free blog. Two most popular and trustable blog sites are and You do not have to worry about security of…