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Linux Tutorials

How to Delete a User Account in Linux

In Linux, there are times when you may need to delete a user account, whether for security or administrative purposes. There are several scenarios when you may need to do…


How to Add User into Group in Linux

There are two ways to add user into existing group which are useradd and usermod. The useradd command is to create a new user or update default new user information….


How to Find Files in Linux

In Linux, there are various ways to find files on your system. The ability to locate specific files is important when you need to access them quickly or make changes…


How to Remove Gnome-Desktop using Yum

In this step-by-step guide, we will discuss how to remove the GNOME Desktop Environment from a Linux system using Yum, a package manager for RPM-based Linux distributions. The goal is…

How to Reset CentOS root Password

For those who are forgot their CentOS root password, please do not panic. There was the easy way to reset the root password for CentOS. Please follow this steps and…