How to Change the Hostname on CentOS 5.5 Server

In this post, i will show you how to change the hostname on linux CentOS 5.5. Reboot is required for both steps. Option 1. Change Hostname using command shell: [root@server ~]# vi /etc/sysconfig/network NETWORKING=yes NETWORKING_IPV6=no HOSTNAME=server.intranet.local Change the HOSTNAME=your_preferred_hostname Option 2. Change Hostname using GUI Type Setup as below and Press Enter [root@server ~]# setup […]

How to Drop or Block Incoming Access From Specific IP Address Using Iptables

In this post, i will show you the simple way to block incoming ip address using iptables firewall on CentOS 5.5. This setting will be removed once you restarted the iptables or rebooted the server. OPTIONS = long or short options are allowed. –append -A Append to chain –delete -D Delete matching rule from chain […]

How to Fix “dependencies were not found: PHP MultiByte” in Linux Server

Question : During the installation such as gforge Collaborative development, the following dependencies were not found: PHP MultiByte. How to install PHP MultiByte into my linux server ? What php extention should i use? Answer : You just need to run below yum command to install PHP MultiByte on your linux server such as CentOS […]

How to Configure LDAP Authentication for Nagios on CentOS 5.5


This article assume that you already installed the nagios server on LAMP CentOS server and also installed 389 directory server. On the previous tutorial, the user that allowed to manage nagios is nagiosadmin which has been created using htpasswd. In this article, i will show you on how configure LDAP authentication for Nagios on CentOS […]