An Expansion of eCommerce Web Hosting in the United Kingdom

United Kingdom-based web hosting provider,, recently announced that is has expanded its eCommerce hosting line to customers in the U.K. The expansion of services within the country began in April 2011. The announcement was released approximately three months following the launch of its managed cluster solutions line to eCommerce customers.

Partnering with Magento

The press release indicated that Nexcess is hosting provider that specializes in eCommerce hosting. As a result, the company has become an official partner of Magento, an online shopping cart software platform. Unfortunately this addition to its Magento product line is only available to customers in the U.K. For those in other regions, a new set of low-end hosting options featuring the Magento platform will be available.

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The SIP-100 and SIP-200 Hosting Packages

Nexcess’ SIP-100 and SIP-200 Magento hosting packages were previously exclusive to United States-based customers. These lines were developed for small Magento stores that do not have the same requirements as large enterprise users. SIP or Secured Isolated Platform is a customizable hosting environment for all eCommerce websites using Magento. All hosting packages are within a PCI compliant environment.

Unfortunately, the SIP-100 and SIP-200 hosting plans do not include CDN access. The cost is $47.95 and $129.95 per month, respectively. All packages are currently powered by Nexcess servers that are located in a Surrey, United Kingdom data center.

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Three High-end Magento Hosting Packages

In addition to the lower-end packages, Nexcess is offering three high-end plans that include two dedicated server offerings for those that require more resources. Luckily all plans are cost-effective and customized for eCommerce startup businesses in the United Kingdom. As a result of the recent expansion from the United States, the company has witnessed a positive response. However, one major concern from the European customer base was the lack of service offerings in the United Kingdom.

Data Center Locations

The United States data center location is in Dearborn, Michigan. The next data center will be located in Southfield, Michigan which is planned to open in late 2011. The information technology corporate office is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Magento is a popular shopping cart and eCommerce solution that is growing amongst online retailers. By only offering eCommerce web hosting plans, Nexcess has found a niche with few competitors. The recent expansion to the United Kingdom should make them an industry-leader in the European marketplace.

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