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Buying Aged and Recently Expired Domains

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Finding a good domain name in this day and age is nearly impossible, as each day hundreds of them are bought by people around the world. Unfortunately, most of these good domains are never even used, creating a massive database of domains that will inevitably expire and return to the open market. Instead of trying to find domains that are available through common domain registrars,  many experienced domain buyers look for recently expired or aged domains using domains auction sites.

The Advantages of Aged and Expired Domains

As mentioned good domain names are hard to come by, however they are not only difficult to find but it is also difficult to make a new website rank highly in the search engine with absolutely no backlinks, and no reputation. Search engines view age and backlinks as two of the most important factors in SEO. If you want to get a head start on your competition and dominate your niche, then buying a good domain name that is recently expired or aged will definitely help you. Many times recently expired domains still have plenty of backlinks active online that you can take advantage of for an instant boost in traffic. Aged domains also have pre-existing backlinks, and you can capitalize on the success of the previous domain owner by using these links to your advantage.

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Getting Instant Traffic with Recently Expired Domain

However it is extremely important that you utilize the existence of these backlinks quickly, as they quickly become broken links if the site’s URLs are not revived and repopulated with content. The key to getting instant traffic form these backlinks is to “keep the ball rolling” by creating the impression a that the site never went anywhere. Many webmasters use tools to test their site and find any broken links, which lead to URLs that no longer exist. When they find these links they remove them form their site, and there goes your precious backlinks that are responsible for you high search engine ranking. As soon as you acquire the recently expired domain, you need to find out where the backlinks for the site are, and then optimize your site around it’s pre-existing link structure. In many cases, if this is done properly you can keep the same amount of traffic that the pre-existing owner enjoyed.

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Where to Find Recently Expired or Aged Domains

The best places to find expired or aged domains are domain auction sites where webmasters frequently list their sites for sale when they are not doing well with them or need some quick cash. Many times another man;s trash will be your treasure and you will be able to take advantage of their downfall by assuming a domain that is ripe for the picking. You can place a maximum bid on these sites to establish a price that is suitable for your budget as well. You can also find sites on or, where many webmasters will even provide proof of income and traffic.


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