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SEO 101 : Focusing on Backlinks

When devising a strategy for SEO, many webmasters place a huge emphasis on the website itself. They are typically concerned with Meta tags, keyword density, titles and headings. While these aspects of SEO are important (especially with regards to content), they are insignificant when compared with links. SEO practitioners spend their time obsessing over link […]

Becoming a Domain Speculator with No Experience

Domain speculation is defined as the process of judging the value of, buying, selling, and trading domain names. This has become an incredibly profitable industry that complements web hosting during the past couple of years, as individual business owners and companies have realized the continuously expanding opportunity presented by online real estate. Each year, thousands […]

How to Tell If a Domain Name Is Valuable

Finding the right domain name for your website is a crucial aspect of beginning a successful online endeavor, regardless of the industry or niche you choose to pursue. The domain name is effectively your online brand, and is the name that your site visitors will remember when discussing your website with friends. Although the majority […]

How Dedicated Host Can Enhance Search Engine Optimization Results

The obvious advantages of dedicated hosting are often cited by experienced webmasters when reverting to it as the ultimate hosting environment. A dedicated hosting plan lets you lease private web servers that are solely devoted to the tasks of your websites and online endeavors. Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of building professional websites […]

The Advantages of Purchasing Used Domain Names

Building a successful website is often a long and drawn out process that requires many steps, and a significant amount of diligence and persistence. Unfortunately, many of the attributes that make a website successful take a long time to create, especially those that are associated with search engine optimization. Every website online is represented by […]

Search Engine Optimization with No Investment Needed

One of the most intimidating aspects of becoming a successful web site owner is the fear of having to invest money in projects that you’re unsure about. Understandably, most novice webmaster are not confident in their ability to make money with their sites by ranking highly in the search engines, and as such often resort […]

How Anchor Text is Used in Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is perhaps one of the most complex ever-changing fields in internet technology, and is primarily responsible for the growth of the most successful web sites online. Although it may not be fun having to learn the extensive knowledge required to become a good SEO expert, the fact remains that good SEO is […]

Search Engine Optimization – Link Building the Fast Way

Link building is undoubtedly one of the central aspects of search engine optimization, if not thew single most important aspect. The process of link building is defined as generating backlinks for your site through various methods including social bookmarking, web 2.0 blogs, and providing quality content that is worthy of being linked to. There is […]

SEO Web Hosting vs Dedicated Web Hosting

Web site owners that make their living online are constantly looking for new ways to expand and create more revenue streams. However, there are always limitations and boundaries to overcome, especially pertaining to web hosting and search engine optimization. Learning the two aforementioned aspects of online business is perhaps he most crucial part of being […]

How to Track Search Engine Optimization Progress

Search engine optimization is a complex field of study that often takes years to master. In fact, most people never master it because it is a constantly evolving art form that changes every time the search engines adjust their algorithm. With so many changes taking place each year it can be very difficult to track […]

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