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The Advantages of Purchasing Used Domain Names

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Building a successful website is often a long and drawn out process that requires many steps, and a significant amount of diligence and persistence. Unfortunately, many of the attributes that make a website successful take a long time to create, especially those that are associated with search engine optimization. Every website online is represented by a domain name, which is often indexed in major search engines, having a history and authoritative stance of its own. By purchasing a used domain name you can take advantage of all of the work done by the previous site owner. The following information outlines the main benefits of purchasing used domain names for building your websites.

Page Rank and Domain Authority

Search engines use patented algorithms to efficiently gather, index, and rank information on the Internet. Google, in particular, utilizes a power stance system known as page rank, which gives each domain name a certain amount of authority based on a number of factors. One of the factors that affects a website’s page rank is the amount of links on the Internet that point to pages on the website, which are also known as backlinks, or incoming links. Many times, when a domain name is sold at auction or on an expired domain name vendor site, the domain name will still retain some of the backlinks and all of its page rank. By purchasing one of these domains, you can eliminate most of the work involved with establishing authority for your domain, which will allows you to rank highly in the SERPs (search engine result pages) for practically any term or keyword with less effort.

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Established Reputations

Building your new website on a domain name that already has an established reputation may create an instant flow of traffic from previous website visitors that are returning in hopes of finding the website they last visited. Even though these visitors are expecting to see a completely different website, if your new site is relevant to the same niche or topic that the previous successful site that utilized that domain name was relevant to, it is possible to instantly build a small amount of residual traffic based on the success of the previous site. The previous site may have also caused the domain name to rank well for popular key words or phrases, which can bring instant traffic to your site via the search engines. Since your domain name will essentially be the brand of your website, purchasing a used domain name that already has an established reputation is the best way to quickly build a popular brand for your new site.

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Obtainable Experience

Used domain names give you the opportunity to instantly obtain experience in the eyes of your site visitors and the search engines, without putting forth a lot of effort or taking a lot of risks. Surprisingly, it is possible to find used domain names for as little as $20, with the average used domain name being sold for anywhere between $20-$100. Purchasing a well-established .com domain name that has been used for successful website for the past several years can give your website an instant boost in traffic and overall popularity.


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