SEO Web Hosting vs Dedicated Web Hosting

Web site owners that make their living online are constantly looking for new ways to expand and create more revenue streams. However, there are always limitations and boundaries to overcome, especially pertaining to web hosting and search engine optimization. Learning the two aforementioned aspects of online business is perhaps he most crucial part of being a webmaster, as it directly affects the way your site performs and how high it ranks in the search engines.

Figuring out how to reach the top of the search engines and then perfect this and do it repeatedly is not for the faint of heart, and it requires a perfect web hosting plan (or several plans) and the right knowledge in SEO. If you have reached a point in your online career in which you would like to move forward and diversify then consider the following information.

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SEO Hosting for Multiple Sites

SEO web hosting is relatively new, so many people do not understand what it is used for and why it is so important. SEO web hosting places a strong emphasis on the amount of IP addresses given to each hosting account. This is important in search engine optimization because search engines can see the IP address of your web site. This means you cannot have a strong backlinking network within the same niche without more than one IP address, because the search engines will view all of your sites as the same entity. Backlinks get you higher search engine rankings, and with more IP addresses you can create a network of sites in different niches that are providing “link juice” to each other.

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Dedicated Hosting for Multiple Sites

Dedicated web hosting also comes with multiple IP addresses in many cases, however, the number is usually along the lines of four or eight, whereas SEO web hosting can provide 50 or more C class IP address to each customer. In order to get access to this many IP addresses for your web sites with dedicated hosting you would need to provide justification, which means you’d have to give the web hosting company a reason for requesting more IP addresses.  It is possible to receive justification with a dedicated hosting plan, and gain access to IP addresses at a cheaper rate than SEO web hosting.

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Having access to multiple IP addresses is only important if you plan on operating network of sites that are used to transfer search engine optimization benefits to each other through internal and external linking. If you are going two options; either buy an SEO hosting plan that includes an adequate amount of C class IP addresses, or you can purchase a dedicated hosting plan and provide justification. If you decide to purchase a dedicated hosting plan and provide justification then you will receive access to the IP address for a lower rate and you will have access to a more powerful web server.

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