Search Engine Optimization with No Investment Needed

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Search Engine Optimization with No Investment Needed

One of the most intimidating aspects of becoming a successful web site owner is the fear of having to invest money in projects that you’re unsure about. Understandably, most novice webmaster are not confident in their ability to make money with their sites by ranking highly in the search engines, and as such often resort to investing exuberant amounts of money into search engine optimization campaigns that are managed and executed by professionals. Sadly, the majority of these campaigns do not offer true success, and the webmaster is left to handle their SEO campaign independently using skills they’ve acquired online.

Most of the tasks involved with SEO are mundane and repetitive so outsourcing is a common issue that webmasters have to deal with. The following information can help you rank highly in the search engines without spending money o outsourcing and professional SEO specialists.

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High Quality Backlinks

Building backlinks is perhaps the central component of raising your sites authority and being able to rank highly for any keyword you’d like. A backlink is any link on the web that points to your site, or a page on your site. The more backlinks your site has on the internet, the more popular and useful it appears to be from the perspective of a search engine algorithm. Most people focus on building thousands of backlinks in a short amount of time, often with automated softwares, only to find that their site has been ‘sandboxed’ and is no longer even ranked for their desired keywords. Not only does this cost money (either for investing in software or outsourced link building) it is also usually less effective than building fewer, more authoritative backlinks over a longer period of time. Instead of paying  people to build lots of backlinks for you, focus on the more powerful backlinks such as those posted in the profile pages or blog pages of high PR sites.

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On Page Optimization

Many people overlook the importance of on page optimization, which consists of keeping the site updated with quality content and creating an efficient outgoing link structure the does not compromise the  PR of your pages. Adequate site navigation is also a very important aspect of on page optimization. Every page should contain links that point to another part of your web site, ideally using anchor text to denote the topic of the content in the navigational link. This will not only help search engines index your site more efficiently, it will also simplify the browsing experience for your site visitors. Other aspects of on page optimization include keyword placement/density, ad placement, and proper script usage. Unless you pay a content developer to handle these tasks for you, they are easy to perform and completely free.

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Building Niche Partnerships

Another free way to enhance your SEO campaign and raise the amount of daily traffic your site receives is to begin building partnerships with other webmasters in your respective niche. Doing this will not only give you additional backlinking opportunities from related web sites, it will also bring an influx of traffic form these sites to yours on a daily basis, ultimately resulting in increased sales/conversions in the long term. Most sites have contact forms and/or ‘contact us’ pages that will help you get in touch with the webmaster and build a working relationship that can benefit both of your web sites.

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