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Optimizing your Website for Mobile Devices

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The newest trend among SEO professionals is optimizing websites for mobile searches. Since searching on mobile device browsers is continuing to grow as the technology improves, it is important for websites to continue to be on the first page of Google. Therefore, mobile web SEO experts are hired to optimize mobile web pages for searchability. The mobile market is lucrative so strategies and design must be adjusted accordingly.

Unfortunately, the mobile market has a completely different set of rules and requirements. Therefore, if you do not wish to miss out on mobile searchers, you must adapt to these rules and requirements. The following are some of the most important rules to consider when optimizing your website for a mobile search:

  • Shorter keywords
  • Local searches
  • Data rules
  • Top 10 equals top 3
  • Promotional techniques
  • Mobile standards
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Since mobile devices are primarily used for being on-the-go, it is important utilize shorter keywords since users typically do not have time or the resources to type long phrases. Even mobile devices featuring QWERTY keyboards can be difficult to type long phrases and sentences which are the reason mobile searchers use short queries.

Also, mobile users are typically searching for local products or services. Therefore, local keyphrases must be targeted. This makes sense because a mobile searcher is more likely to be standing on a street corner looking for a place to dine than searching for products to purchase.

The most popular mobile search categories include, news, weather, sports, restaurants and financial information. Although the main topics in each niche are limited, they continue to revolve around timing and location. Therefore if your site is within one of these categories and not optimized for mobile searches, it is likely you are losing visitors.

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Pages with top 10 search results fit on a desktop screen. However, on a mobile device, the top 10 results are unlikely to appear on the screen at once, therefore it is more like a top 4 or 5 search than 10. Therefore, the top 5 positions are the most critical during a mobile web search and have the greatest chance of attracting the user’s attention.

Optimizing for mobile devices is becoming increasingly important as technology improves. Users on the go do not have time to search long keywords, are usually only searching locally and within a specific category and will select the best of three to five options that appear on their screen.


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