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SEO 101 : Focusing on Backlinks

When devising a strategy for SEO, many webmasters place a huge emphasis on the website itself. They are typically concerned with Meta tags, keyword density, titles and headings. While these aspects of SEO are important (especially with regards to content), they are insignificant when compared with links. SEO practitioners spend their time obsessing over link […]

Optimizing your Website for Mobile Devices

The newest trend among SEO professionals is optimizing websites for mobile searches. Since searching on mobile device browsers is continuing to grow as the technology improves, it is important for websites to continue to be on the first page of Google. Therefore, mobile web SEO experts are hired to optimize mobile web pages for searchability. […]

How Anchor Text is Used in Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is perhaps one of the most complex ever-changing fields in internet technology, and is primarily responsible for the growth of the most successful web sites online. Although it may not be fun having to learn the extensive knowledge required to become a good SEO expert, the fact remains that good SEO is […]

When is PPC Advertising Ideal?

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is perhaps one of the most popular advertising models on the internet, currently utilized by Fortune 500 companies and small business alike. Google AdWords is the most famous and most popular PPC advertising program available, and if you’ve ever clicked on a link in sidebar of a site then you […]

Using Web Hosting Tools for Search Engine Optimization

Web hosting is a complex and extensive industry that encompasses nearly every aspect of site creation, management and organization. However most people overlook some of the tools and resources provided within their web hosting control panel. These tools can be sued to improve the design and functionality of your web sites, which will keep your […]

3 Steps to a Successful eCommerce Site

As eCommerce continues to expand around the global, ordinary people everywhere are trying to find their gold nugget in the internet gold rush. Some domain names are currently worth more than prime time real estate, and in today’s digital age, web sites are the cyber alternative for real estate properties. If you want to be […]

Understanding Misspelled Domain Names

The domain name industry is rapidly expanding, and every word and phrase in the English language is slowly but surely being used. Eventually, it will be nearly impossible to find a domain name that makes any kind of sense at all. Fortunately, those days are decades away, and contrary to popular belief there are still […]

Judging the Value of Domain Names

The name of a domain directly affects the overall success of a website, not only through search engine optimization, but also through the eyes of the visitors themselves. A memorable domain name will ensure repeat traffic in many cases, based simply on the fact that most visitors will find it easy to return to a […]

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