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Understanding Misspelled Domain Names

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The domain name industry is rapidly expanding, and every word and phrase in the English language is slowly but surely being used. Eventually, it will be nearly impossible to find a domain name that makes any kind of sense at all. Fortunately, those days are decades away, and contrary to popular belief there are still many amazing domain names available. However, for those that cannot come up with new and original domain names there is a solution – misspelled domain names.

Why Would I Want a Misspelled Domain Name?

In the domain name industry even a typographical error equals potential traffic. In essence, every term or phrase that is entered into the address bar of the a visitors web browser is an entrance to the internet, and a possible traffic gateway. If you can buy a domain name that is likely to be typed into the address bar of a user’s browser inadvertently, then you can access that traffic. In most cases,this traffic is targeted, because you know what they were looking for when they misspelled the domain name.

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Stealing Traffic with Misspelled Domain Names

For example, if you buy a domain name entitled “” then there is a good chance that anyone visiting that site was actually looking for, which is a domain name registrar and hosting company. Based on this information you could drive this traffic to your own hosting web site that is similar to Go Daddy’s. Of course, Go Daddy has taken the necessary precautions to prevent such nefarious competitive action, but this is just one of example of the benefits of misspelled domain names.

How Do I Find The Best Misspellings?

It can be difficult to figure out what the most likely misspellings are when searching for a good misspelled domain name. Fortunately, there are tools available online that will give you long lists of misspelling, and you can even find traffic information about some commonly used misspellings within the Google keywords tool. In most cases, there is a large number of misspelled search engine queries issued after every major event. For example, during the Super Bowl it is not uncommon to see thousands of searches for misspelled team names and other items related to that sporting event. With the use of the aforementioned tools and a little creativity you can begin gaining traffic from misspelled phrases in no time.

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If you are a web site owner that is trying to establish a brand and eliminate competition then it would be wise to purchase all possible misspellings of your business name, as this will prevent your competition from capitalizing on your success. However, if you act quickly and continually research possible misspellings you could see your traffic levels increase as you begin driving traffic from various misspelled domains that gain residual traffic based on simple human error. Regardless of your decision, it is best to stay on the right side of the misspelled domains controversy, and as usual that side is the one with the most web traffic!


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