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.CO Domains Gaining Momentum and Google Support

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There are currently over 280 domain TLDs, or extensions, available for web sites. Most of these domains are country codes that are used to denote a specific geographical location of the web site. For example, is used for sites that are based in the United Kingdom. Even though most people are familiar with .com domains, as these are the most popular kinds of domains. However, if you missed your chance to get the .com domain of your dreams, there us still hope, as you may be able to grab a new .co domain. These new domains are sweeping the net since there global release on July 20th, 2010 and are expected to become a popular alternative to .com domains.

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Who Can Register .CO Domains?

Fortunately, anyone in the world can register a .CO domain, as long as you have the money to cover the registration costs. .CO domain names can also be transferred to other people with ease, which facilitates an easy transition should a sale occur. At the moment, as of July 2010, only 10 accredited domain name registrars are bale to directly distribute .CO domains, however there are plethora of resellers that are also selling .CO domains for profit.

The Advantages of the .CO TLD

The primary advantage of the .CO TLD is its memorability, which stems form the fact that it only has two letters, and is pronounced as CO, as in “company,” or
“corporation.” Even though the domain name was created as the country code for Columbia, it is now being marketed on a global level as an alternative .com domains, which now dominate the internet. Google has now officially enabled International targeting, thus .CO is now able to rank as well as other TLD, such as .com and .org.

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In ten years, the trend may be reversed, with .CO domains taking over the internet within the next decade. The new .CO domains are cheap, professional, and unique, so they are expected to catch on during the next few years as more people learn about their existence. In short, .CO is recognizable, credible and highly desirable in today’s incredibly competitive internet marketplace.

What are .CO Domains Used For?

.CO domain can be used for any legitimate purpose and there are no limitations that specify what .CO domains can and can’t be used for. The .co domain was created in 1991, however the domain extension was not considered for commercial use until 2001, when a Columbian University theorized that the domain could be marketed as an alternative to the popular .com domains.

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If you are tired of trying to find suitable .com domain names then you may want to consider the benefits of being a .CO pioneer. These new domains are being sold on a first-come first-serve basis, which means the sooner you jump on the bandwagon, the better chance you have of obtaining a very valuable domain name.


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