What Makes a Good Domain?

Many people simply do not understand the importance of a good domain name.  Those who do are struck with the harsh reality that a vast majority of the good domains have already been registered.  If you are running a website, not only will your domain be prevalent in the internet world, but in print as well.  It acts as your identity, and is an integral part of any branding strategy.  If you have made the decision to try and establish yourself online, taking the time to find a good domain is an absolute must.

What makes a good domain?  The following tips should sum it all up for you.


A domain name isn’t serving its purpose if no one can remember it.  Sure, it would be ideal if everyone bookmarked their favorite websites, but the fact is that most people do not.  For this reason, it is best to choose a domain that resonates and makes an impact.  Avoid complexity by keeping the name straightforward and easy to remember.

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Short and Sweet

While the experts say that a good domain should be no more than 20 characters long, 10 is even better.  Having a long domain name will only complicate matters.  Short and sweet is the key here because if you go over the 20 character mark, you could end up burying yourself in the deep dark corners of the web.

A Good Extension

Extensions or TLDs (Top Level Domains) represents the three letters that come after your primary name.  There are several extensions available including .com, .net, .biz, .org and the list goes on.  Keep in mind that some extensions are reserved for certain entities.  For example, .gov is reserved for government sites will .mil is for the military.  As the most popular extension, .com is what you should strive for.  If you can’t find this TLD, then .net would be the next best alternative.

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When choosing a domain, try to stay away from names that are difficult to spell.  Many people are not good at spelling, thus, if you pick something more complex, your potential visitors could end up at a competitor’s site.

Avoid the Flash

One of the worst things you can do is try to glamorize your domain with fancy symbols.  After all, most web surfers don’t pay attention to symbols anyway, so even if you do pick something that is memorable, your over zealousness could still lead them to another site.

Be Unique

A good domain name is one that is unique, very descriptive and tells a story in just a few characters.  What this means is that the name should instantly strike a cord with visitors and potential customers by giving them an idea of what to expect.  For example, if the website revolves around your business, using your business name for the domain would be a good idea.  If you are marketing yourself rather than a brand, don’t hesitate to go with your given name.  Besides, you have a much better chance of securing a domain under your own name than anything else.

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  • marie

    I couldnt agree more with these tips! They are great! TheBlueKingdom.com has a great program that helps you to choose the best keywords that would make your domain name show up highest on search engines. Thanks again!

  • James

    This article summed up what a good domain is very well. Thanks for sharing.

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