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How to Pick the Right Domain Name Extension

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Choosing the right domain name extension is usually a very simple task for most people, as many webmasters tend to stick to .com domains, as they are the most popular. However, this may not always be the best decision, especially if you want your domain name to represent your web site as best as possible. Choosing a domain name extension requires knowledge on the purpose of each domain name extension and how they’re meant to be used. Granted, most people do not adhere to the true meaning of a domain extension, it is still best to have the right domain extension for your site, especially if you want it to represent your business or organization properly.

The Meaning of Domain Extensions

There are currently over 200 different domain extensions available, most of which are country or region specific domain TLDs. A .com domain is to be used to represent a commercial web site, which mean that you will be profiting from the site, although most sites have the .com extension for no apparent reason. .CO stands for company or corporation, .Biz stands for business, .org stands for organization, .net stands for network, .me is usually used for personal web sites, and .info is used for informational sites.

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These are the main types of domain extensions, and most people tend to choose one of these for no other reason than personal preference. It is important to note that you are not required to have a specific type of web site for any domain extension, which is why so many sites use the wrong type of domain extension. Ultimately, the type of domain extension you use will be left up to your personal preference and needs. If you’re particular about doing things the right way then you may want to consider the following information about purchasing more than one domain name to ensure the safety of your site’s traffic.

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Purchasing More Than One Extension

A lot of people decide to purchase more than one domain extension for their site or online business. This allows them to own multiple web sites that have the same branding or recognition. It also keeps competitors from purchasing web sites that are extremely similar to yours, in an attempt to steal some of your popularity and web traffic. For example, if you own a web site entitled “” then it may be wise to purchase the .com version of this domain as well. Fortunately, most domain registrars sell packages of domain names that include several domain extensions for a discount price. For example, it is possible to purchase the .com, .org, .net and .info version of a domain in a single low cost package.

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Although it is possible to choose any domain extension you’d like for your web sites, ideally it is more professional to use the proper domain extension. A .com extension used to represent a site that is promoting a non-profit organization would not make much sense, and it would send the wrong message to more knowledgeable visitors.


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