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Why Branding Yourself is SO Hard

When people start a new business they want a logo to start their road to success. That’s only one step, albeit in the right direction but as it takes two…

Requests for Free Work: Does it Work?

Everybody says economic times are tough… unless they say things are improving. The increase in startups show that business via the internet is booming, yet many of these startups fail…

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How to Pick the Right Domain Name Extension

Choosing the right domain name extension is usually a very simple task for most people, as many webmasters tend to stick to .com domains, as they are the most popular….

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Rules for Choosing a Great Domain Name

Domain name selection is particularly important when starting an online business. This is the website address that is going to represent the company and convey the content of the site….

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Best Methods for Generating YouTube Traffic

Social media has become one of the best advertising mediums. With millions of users on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and YouTube, this is prime advertising real estate. YouTube is an entertaining…

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Incorporating SEM and SMM into Your Marketing Campaign

Webmasters are increasingly integrating SMM (social media marketing) right alongside their SEM campaigns.  This has become a very feasible practice due to the prevalence of next generation web technologies and…