E-commerce Hosting and Web 2.0


The phenomenon that is Web 2.0 has made its mark, originating in social networking platforms and evolving through traditional business applications.  Because it has become more widespread, web hosting providers are increasingly customizing their offerings to meet the demands of this trend.  This allows customers to benefit from a dynamic set of features that enable […]

Six Important Considerations for Domain Name Registration

So, you have finally decided that you want to make a name for yourself online. Before you even create the website, it is best to register a domain name first. As simple as it all sounds, registering a domain is something that calls for careful planning. Without a strategy, you could end up regretting the […]

What Makes a Good Domain?

Many people simply do not understand the importance of a good domain name.  Those who do are struck with the harsh reality that a vast majority of the good domains have already been registered.  If you are running a website, not only will your domain be prevalent in the internet world, but in print as […]