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Six Important Considerations for Domain Name Registration

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So, you have finally decided that you want to make a name for yourself online. Before you even create the website, it is best to register a domain name first. As simple as it all sounds, registering a domain is something that calls for careful planning. Without a strategy, you could end up regretting the chosen name and actually hinder your ability to succeed online. To avoid those issues, we present you with six critical factors to consider.

Determine the Purpose of Your Site

Before registering a domain name, it makes sense to determine the purpose of your website. For example, if you are a book distributor and want to sell novels online, you may want to incorporate relative terms into your domain. If you want to brand your site, come up with something that is unique and can be easily pronounced – Google is a perfect example.

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Domain Extension

If at all possible, you want to register your domain name with the popular .com extension. While this extension is highly recommend, keep in mind that your ideal domain may not be available exactly how you want it. When this is the case, you should get creative and think of a few combinations that will get you as close to the desired name as possible. Some options include adding a (-) to the name, although it is not advisable to use more than one. If you just can’t find that .com, don’t hesitate to use .net or .biz as they make the best alternatives.

Think Keywords

If you want to generate traffic from search engines like Google and Yahoo, it wise to research a few primary keywords relative to your initiative and incorporate them into your domain. This could possibly boost your search engine rankings and drive in more traffic as well.

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Length of Registration

Good domain names are hard to come by. For this reason, we suggest registering your name for as long possible. If you prefer to renew each year, be sure to do so on time or you just might lose it to someone else.

Domain Registrars

A domain registrar is what you need to register your domain name. There are a several registrars to choose from and while they basically offer the same service, you will find that the price tends to range widely. If you want to save money, you should look into a company that offers free domain registration with the purchase of web hosting service or an inexpensive registrar like GoDaddy. In general, you should easily be able to find a respectable registrar offering domain registration for $10 or less per year.

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Domain Privacy

The last factor you need to consider is the possibility of somebody looking for you on the web. Anyone can search for domain owners on the WHOIS website. Depending on what you have going on, you may not want to make this information accessible. In this case, you could opt for domain privacy which will keep your domain name private on the WHOIS database. A registrar typically charges an additional fee for this service, but you might find it to be worth the extra costs.



  • Avatar Lance Vennard says:

    When I started the renewal process with I was asked to update my personal contact information. I complied with their request. I was told then to check a box to continue and then presented with a renewal price that was 50% higher than the one advertized on the website for “org” addresses. When I asked why – they went into a speal about how expensive everyone else was. I told them I wanted to check around before I renewed. The first company I called Network Solution was willing to meet the lower advertized price and so I agreed to renew with them. I went back to the Cheap Domains website and obtained the authorization code to transfer from Cheap Domains, which I provided to Network Solutions. I then recieved an email notice that my account was locked for sixty days and could not be transferred. I called to inquire why it was locked and was told it was locked by ICANN because I had updated my contact information. After researching the information I became aware that ICANN hadn’t locked my account but that it was Cheap Domains. I again called to request that they unlock it and was told there is nothing we can do because ICANN dictates the policies and they’re not allowed to make any exceptions. Talked to NS and found out that this was also a lie. So I made another attempt using the information found on this website regarding reasons an account can legit. They final came clean and said it’s not ICANN, it’s there policy and that when I updated my contact information the box I checked was their terms and conditions which gave them the right to lock my account fo sixty days. The conversation deteriorated from there! I have been lied to over and over and now I’m being held hostage because I followed the instruction of one of their customer service representatives who walked me through a process that would insure I renewed at the undisclosed higher price or have my account locked in an effort to strongarm me into renewing. These guys are dishonest, the process is deceptive, and they are now bullying me for no other reason than they can. STAY AWAY!!!!

  • Avatar Serenity says:

    Just wanted To Say Hello. And Thanks for all this very important information. I have learned something today.

  • Avatar Yahoo Web Hosting says:

    Domain Names are a dime a dozen and over-populated. This is why anyone can buy one for cheap money and the hosting companies such as Yahoo just give them away when you sing up for a hosting account.

  • Avatar Marble Host says:

    Well, it is only natural that host pricing will be a large part of your decision. Spend some time researching what you can get for various prices. Maybe the most expensive isn’t always the best. However, the cheapest option may not meet your needs. Just taking the time to read what various plans will offer you will pay off in the end. Remember you can always upgrade or downgrade a monthly package, so don’t stress too much if you feel you have made the wrong decision.

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