Top 10 Domain Registrars

Domain registrars are necessary for building a website. If you want your website to have a professional domain, you will need to sign up with a specific domain hosting website. The domain is important because most Internet users prefer a domain that is short and sweet and ends with .com. The only way you can […]

A Comparison of Domain Registrars and Web Hosts

When domain registration began, only one source offered this service, NSI. Despite the monopoly of selling top-level domain names, they remained in place until the late ‘90’s. Around this time there was an influx of domain registration companies that began to directly compete with NSI. Currently, there are hundreds of domain registrars that are accredited […]

Acquiring the Domain You Want Through Back-Ordering

Commonly, domain names are registered on a first come, first served basis. Thus, whoever is able to identify an unregistered name first can visit a registrar, pay the required registration fee, and acquire the name for themselves. Once you register it, the domain is no longer available to anyone. However, it can be placed back […]

Shielding Your Online Identity from Domain Name Thieves

The domain name industry is booming with business as more individuals and businesses look to establish their identity online.  Being such a hot commodity also makes them a target for thieves of all sorts.  In this article we will explain some of the parties you need to keep your precious domain name protected from. Shady […]

Six Important Considerations for Domain Name Registration

So, you have finally decided that you want to make a name for yourself online. Before you even create the website, it is best to register a domain name first. As simple as it all sounds, registering a domain is something that calls for careful planning. Without a strategy, you could end up regretting the […]