Finding a Domain for Your Business

Having a domain name is vital for any online company.  Some view this as your official license to effectively do business on the web.  If you are just starting out online, it is important to look around and get the best domain name deal you can find.

The price for domain name registrations have dropped significantly, although there are still a few companies that will charge more than $20 per year if you are not careful.  Before signing up with the first registrar you run across, do a little research and find out what is available.  By doing so, you will know more about the domain game and what is acceptable and what is completely ridiculous.

Where to Look

The ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the body that accredits companies as official domain name registrars.  This organization makes a great resource as it lists the names for all accredited registrars on the website.  These companies are generally trust worthy as they are required to follow the rules and regulation set forth by the ICANN.  While this lists makes a good place to start, it will not provide you with any price comparisons on domain names.

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Comparing Prices

You could easily spend hours searching through dozens of registrars looking for one that offers a decent price.  There are however, several companies well known for their affordable price on domains and associated services.  One name you are sure to run across is, a global leader in domain names.  GoDaddy has some of the best deals on the market, frequently offering bargains on relative extensions when making your initial purchase.  This registrar also allows you to transfer existing domains from another service, letting you to take advantage of a lower price and extend the current registration.  Aside from domain names, GoDaddy offers a number of services and options that you may find very useful.

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Additionally, there are several comparison sites that will chart several domains so you can see what’s available.  If comparing multiple registrars is something you want to do, you will find as a great resource for comparative domain shopping.  The website is simple to navigate and allows you to view the cheapest or largest domain registrars.  RegSelct provides you with a full list of ICANN-accredited services and makes it easy to find one that meets your needs.  This service is free of charge and quite valuable as it gives you side-by-side comparisons of prices as well as features such as domain parking, forwarding and other services.

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Shopzilla is known for its comparisons of various consumer products, but also allows you to find domain name registrars.  While the results are not as extensive as what you’ll find on RegSelect, the site still makes a good source and does pull up a few of the top companies.


Domain registrars are plentiful so there is no need to settle for steep prices.  A simple domain name will likely have implications on your business for as long as you own the website.  By spending a little time to find a reputable service, you can get a great bargain along with some extra perks that benefit your business.

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