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Generating Traffic with Search Engines

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There are several ways to go about marketing your site and generating traffic.  However, some of these methods are quite risky and simply not worth the time and effort they require.  Marketing companies will attempt to sell you on everything from bulk email campaigns and pop-up advertisements to link farms and banner impressions.  While these tools have proven to be effective, most of them will not be well received by your niche market.  For instance, many people find mass mailings (spam) and pop-ups so intrusive and annoying that they stay away from anyone that uses them.  These methods certainly are not the best way to make impact on your audience and just could be a huge waste of money.  The hit or miss aspect of common marketing techniques is all the more reason to consider the search engines for bringing in traffic.

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One of the best ways to gain a significant amount of traffic is to base your efforts on relevance, the driving factor of every online search engine.  A number of different studies show that an estimated 80% to 90% of first time visitors find a website via search engine.  These customers are more likely to lead to sales and conversions because they are already coming in with some level of interest.

On the web, first impressions are everything and you typically do not get a second chance to win over your visitors.  Chances are, someone who endured a bad experience on your site will never come back while the exact opposite could lead you to success.  If your site is user-friendly and offers the content they are looking for, the visitor will return whether they make an on the spot purchase or not.

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Search engines like Google and Yahoo can provide you with a steady flow of targeted visitors.  And unlike other marketing techniques, these benefits will do not have to cost you a single penny.  The only thing a search engine wants from you is good, clean relevant content that matches up with what web surfers are looking for.  Give the roaming spiders what they want so they can do what they are programmed to.  If you are able to produce this content on your site, you will be rewarded with quality traffic.

Last Words

Rather than viewing your website simply as a virtual business card, think of it as a piece of real estate that increases in value just like residential property.  Research a few keywords that your niche audience is most likely to enter into a search engine to find you.  Clearly explain to visitors what is is that you do and how they can benefit.  Network with others in the industry to build yourself a fair amount of quality links.  Make sure your website is rich with content and optimized for the search engine.  All of this will enable you to generate traffic naturally.  When designing for both your visitors and the search engines, your rankings will inevitably increase and shower you with additional traffic.


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