Will Google Give Ranking Preference to Websites Based On Security, Rather Than Content?

On August 6, 2014, a post on Google’s Online Security Blog announced that the tech juggernaut had recently been experimenting with its search engine ranking algorithms. Google admitted to running tests that factored a site’s level of security into its formulas, giving a slight preference to encrypted results. While strong HTTPS encryption is commonly used […]

Search Engine Marketing Effect


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a regular strategy in the lives of webmasters in all industries. This method has proven effective with regards to increasing the amount of traffic on a website through search engine rank results. However, those who combine SEO with SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques will reap the greatest benefits online. […]

Best Methods for Generating YouTube Traffic

Social media has become one of the best advertising mediums. With millions of users on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and YouTube, this is prime advertising real estate. YouTube is an entertaining site that now offers more than just interesting videos. Utilizing YouTube’s power to generate traffic to your site and potentially convert that traffic into sales […]

Top Five Reasons In-House SEM Programs Fail

With the growing prevalence of search engine marketing, several organizations are electing to run their SEM programs in-house instead of outsourcing to a professional firm.  While there are numerous tools and resources available to help companies incorporate these programs internally, most are rather basic and overlook many of the vital aspects that make up a […]

Incorporating SEM and SMM into Your Marketing Campaign

Webmasters are increasingly integrating SMM (social media marketing) right alongside their SEM campaigns.  This has become a very feasible practice due to the prevalence of next generation web technologies and social networking.  Let’s take a closer look to find out how an SMM campaign can be effectively incorporated into your search engine marketing strategy. SEO […]

How Specialities Can Hinder the Overall Effective of an SEM Campaign

Several marketing companies are internally divided by specialties.  In today’s web-based world, many are segmented by fields such as web development, design, research and copy writing for example.  This holds true in both agency and in-house environments.  Due to such great diversities, these disciplines don’t always mix perfectly, but are often a necessity to get […]

A Closer Look at SEM Basics

Succeeding with search engine marketing begins with extensive research.  By understanding both your niche market and the competition, you can optimize your efforts and generate great results.  This article will go over a few simple steps that will help you excel at SEM. What are Your Selling? Before embarking on your SEM journey, it is […]

Should You Outsource SEM?

Search engine marketing and search engine optimization both require a bit of skill and a lot of effort.  Although succeeding at these techniques begins with website design, an experienced developer isn’t always the best person for the job.  With the steep costs charged by SEM firms, several businesses have resorted to outsourcing these efforts to […]