Search Engine Marketing Effect


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a regular strategy in the lives of webmasters in all industries. This method has proven effective with regards to increasing the amount of traffic on a website through search engine rank results. However, those who combine SEO with SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques will reap the greatest benefits online.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is paid online advertising, known as pay-per-click that is displayed in highlighted text or on the sides of search engines. These advertisements come in many forms including text, image and video. To be effective, they must be eye-catching and one of the first items on a search engine page. The higher the ranking, the more probable leads will click the advertisement which could lead to sales.

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Setting a Budget

Unfortunately since the Internet is saturated with Internet Marketers, SEM can be an expensive solution. Luckily, advertisers can set a daily budget or maximum bid amount to maintain the costs. Once the predetermined budget is reach for the day, the advertisement is removed from the search terms.

Google Statistics

The vendor of choice for Internet advertising is typically Google AdWords. According to a recent report by eConsultancy, almost 95 percent of businesses and marketing agencies utilize Google for their SEM needs. The study further proved that 53 percent of respondents are transitioning marketing and advertising budgets from print to search engine marketing.

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SEO/SEM Strategy

SEM has proven to be most effective as a segment of an online marketing strategy that also includes social media marketing and SEO. By combining these methods, online businesses will generate online name recognition, targeted potential-customers and increased website traffic which leads to higher revenues.

Hiring a Professional

For those that do not have the time or technical know-how to implement such a strategy, there are a number of integrated marketing firms to assist with the website design and management. Many provide guaranteed results. For instance, many SEO and online marketing companies guarantee a client’s website will be on the first page of Google within a specified time period. Again, first page equates to more traffic and thus more sales.

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Search Engine Optimization and online marketing have gradually changed over the years with Google telling the Internet world what they need to do to be noticed by visitors. Since Google makes the rules, most Internet Marketers will implement strategies and concepts specific to the Google algorithm. As it changes so do most professionals so it is important to pay attention to the changes that are enforced.

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