.CO Domains Gaining Support and Momentum

Currently, there are over 280 top-level domains that are available to use as website extensions. Many are specific country codes that are used to denote a specific geographic location with .com names being the most popular. On July 20th, 2010, the new .co names were released to the masses. These are short for company which is why the popularity with ecommerce sites has grown.

Information About .CO Domains

Anyone can register for a .CO extension as long as you can cover the financial costs. Also, these domain names can be transferred in the case of a sale. There are currently only 10 accredited registrars that can distribute these extensions to the public. There are also numerous domain name resellers that are selling them for a profit.

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Advantages of .CO

The first advantage is that it is easy to remember. Since there are only two letters, the extension is easily pronounced and can be spread via word of mouth. Google has even jumped on board by officially enabling international targeting which allows the domain name to rank well among search engines.

Another advantage is that the domain names are currently extremely cheap, unique and professional. Over the next few years, these are sure to catch on. In ten years, .com may find that .co has taken over. The extension is short, recognizable and desirable in today’s competitive market that is the internet.

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Why .CO?

Although .CO is short for company or corporation, there are no limitations to what they can be used for. This extension was actually created in 1991 but wasn’t considered until 2001 for use commercially. A University in Columbia believed that the .CO extension could become a replacement for the popular .COM and the domain extension has taken off ever since.

Since so many .COM domain names are taken, why not look to picking up a .CO. They are greatly gaining in popularity, especially if Google is involved. Since domain names are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, the sooner you look into purchasing a .CO, the better chance you have of obtaining a potentially valuable name.

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The internet and domain names have come a long way since the original .COM, .ORG and .INFO. The .CO seems to be an internet trend that will never dissipate due to the popularity among webmasters and major corporations. In ten years, .CO could become the most used top-level domain in history.

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