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How to Obtain a Memorable Domain Name

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As each day passes, it becomes more difficult to obtain a popular domain name. Studies have shown that over 20 thousand domain names are registered on a daily basis. With all of these domain names being taken, a memorable domain name is very hard to obtain.  Gone are the days of obtaining main-keyword domain names such as “” or “”. Simple domains like this are nearly impossible to obtain, unless of course you are willing and able to spend exuberant amounts of money. However, there are ways one can obtain a memorable domain name without lots of cash.

Obtaining a Popular Domain With Little Funds

One way you can acquire a professional domain name is by searching the database of infinite expired domain names.  Many times there are domains that have expired that would suit your keyword perfectly. Everyday new domain names expire that can potentially represent authoritative websites in your desired niche. Buying expired domain are not only more cost efficient, but it gives you the opportunity to gather a group of visitors that may have previously visit the expired domain. In some cases you may find yourself on the fortunate side of anothers misfortune. Domain names expire when the webmaster is unable to pay the renewal fees. Sometimes a domain owner may fall victim to an accident, or may simply be unable to maintain their website, leaving you to pick up where they’ve left off.

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Where to Find Expired Domain Names

Finding the right expired domain is a task that requires plenty of diligence and searching. Settling for the first domain name that is available is not necessarily the best route. However, it may be advisable to rack up on as many domain names as possible, giving your business more visibility. If you are searching for that one domain name that is going to give your site the reputability you’re seeking, then you may need to enlist the help of an auction sniping software. Since domain names are sold at auction most of the time, it can be hard to squeeze in the last bid, thereby securing your chances of obtaining the perfect domain name for your online business.

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Domain Name Sniping

However with auction sniping software, you can set a maximum amount of money that you would like to bid, and the software will automatically bid for you in set increments of time and money. For example, you can place the maximum bid of $500, and  the software will automatically place bids in increments of $10 every 30 minutes, or to the specifications you desire. In fact there are also sniping softwares that are made especially for domain name sniping, that will notify you when the best domain names are available as soon as they expire, based on your keyword preferences.


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  • Avatar Owen says:

    Domain name sniping. Here’s something new I learned today. I am thinking about getting into the expired domain names market but I have a LOT of learning to do before I can actually invest serious money here. I will start small and invest a few thousand dollars in the next 3 months in expired domains while I continue my learning process. I think I should be able to get at least 8 domain names and “play” with them but we’ll see.

    Do you have any recommendation for a good domain name snipping software?

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