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Conventional VPS Hosting vs Cloud VPS Hosting

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VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is commonly used by a wide range of webmasters, from novice blog owners, to professional eCommerce site owners. The wide range of capabilities and plan pricing make VPS hosting perfect for just about any situation. VPS hosting can be expanded and each web hosting company offers a large selection of VPS hosting plans. In the past VPS hosting utilized the server resources of one server, and these resources were allocated to webmasters depending upon their particular plan size and features. However, a new type of VPS hosting has arisen in the past few years known as cloud hosting.. Cloud hosting utilizes a network of servers that work in unison to provide a seemingly unlimited amount of server resources to plan holders. The following comparison should help you decide which type of hosting would be most suitable for you.

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Affordability and Billing

Conventional VPS hosting and cloud hosting have two very different billing structures. Conventional VPS hosting can be purchased in plans tat limit the amount of resources you can use and charge you a specific amount each month. This can be beneficial for people that want to formulate a predicable hosting budget each month, however it can also be limiting because there is no way to instantly expand. With cloud VPS hosting you can also purchase plans, however you are allowed to exceed you plan limits and pay for the additional server resources on a pay-per-usage basis. In other words, you have access to infinite expandability, and you only have to pay for the resources you use during the billing cycle.

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Server Capabilities and Site Performance

VPS hosting plans differ greatly in their capabilities, with some plans costing only $10 per month and others costing $200 per month. As in every other industry you will get what you pay for, but with cloud VPS hosting you can get what you pay for and more, as long as you pay for the extra usage. This unlimited expandability and provides site performance that is unparalleled by other hosting plans. While a regular VPS hosting plan may run out of server resources leaving your site performing poorly, a cloud VPS hosting plan cannot run out of space and therefore provides much better site performance.

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Reasons to Use Cloud VPS Hosting

Surprisingly, cloud VPS hosting is utilized by many of the larger web sites on the internet such as Google and other search engines. This is because a network of servers being used in unison is often needed by larger corporations. Cloud hosting should only be used by site owners that are in need of a robust and unlimited hosting solution for their site or network of sites. If you do not have more than 50,000 daily visitors to your web sites then you probably would not benefit much from a cloud hosting plan. Conventional VPS hosting plans have the capability to be extremely powerful, and the vast majority of webmasters can get by just fine with a basic VPS hosting plan.


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