Creating an Irresistible Online Brand

There are literally thousands of blogs, forums and articles across the web proclaiming the importance of developing a unique online brand to differentiate from the competition. This begs the question, how do you create an irresistible brand that positions you as an authority in your field? This is an excellent inquiry, especially for those that are new to Internet branding.

While there are hundreds of tips that can help you create an irresistible brand, the most powerful include:

  • Know yourself
  • Know your audience
  • Be familiar with your competition
  • Create a brand experience
  • Implement the previous tips

The first tip is common sense, know yourself. This includes knowing your strengths and weaknesses, what drives you, where your skills lay, your areas of experience, ideas you are passionate about and what you plan to offer with your brand. Additionally, your goals, the message you are attempting to communicate, your level of commitment and your overall work ethic.

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The next tip is to know you audience. This includes the gender you are targeting, household income level, their hobbies and interests, television and book preferences, level of activeness in social media and the amount of shopping they complete online. This personifies the type of person you are targeting with your branding. Also, it informs you if your brand will cater to that specific group.

The third guideline is to be familiar with your competition by knowing who your competition is, why they are your competitor, what makes them unique, their products and services are they after the same market as you and what areas do they excel and fail. Furthermore, the type of marketing presence they command, their targeting of a specific geographic location, promotional methods and their threat level to you.

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The next recommendation is to create a brand experience that appeals to the customer. This is comprises, being accessible to your customer, fostering goodwill, going above and beyond the service they expect, keeping your promises, creating positive experiences at your site, being generous and gracious. Also, develop relationships, encourage activity and participation, always provide opportunities for feedback and relax.

The final suggestion is to implement these ideas into developing your unique, irresistible brand. This encompasses being consistent in your design, creating a logo, create an identity package, be original and creative and keep the audience in the middle of everything you do.

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The basic premise of these guidelines is to treat the customer with respect and excellent service. Consumers enjoy finding the products they are seeking while receiving the best customer service possible. Follow these tips and you will see excellent results.

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