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Effective E-Commerce Ideas

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The e-commerce industry is constantly changing. In order to remain competitive it is important to be cognizant of the new ideas in this ever-changing business. Companies are inventing innovative ideas to attract new customers, retain the old and advertise their products via internet like never before. The following are five innovative ideas for the e-commerce world:

  • Restructure your shopping cart
  • Test location of stress-relieving content
  • Utilize Clickstream tool
  • Add a handwritten note to items
  • Offer a prize for new subscribers

One new idea is to streamline your shopping cart to make the checkout process less time-consuming for the customer. For each additional page the consumer must load to complete the checkout process is another chance for them to change their mind. Instead, combine pages and eliminate redundant steps.

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Another excellent initiative is to test stress-relieving content at locations on different web pages. This content includes points of satisfaction, security icons and the return policy. It is beneficial to separate sensitive content from pages that feature transactions. This content will help visitors and users feel much more safe and comfortable with ordering a product from your site.

The Clickstraem tool identifies which sites users originate from and where they go after. It also allows you to view where your visitors come from and go after leaving your store. This is an excellent tool to learn more about the type of individual visiting your website.

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Taking a step back from technology by adding handwritten thank you notes to the packing slip in your shipment adds a personalized touch. Try to add the customer’s first name to the letter. This takes little effort and really helps your customer feel appreciated and improves their feelings about the company.

Finally, by offering a raffle for a prize to new subscribers of your email letter will greatly improve signups. Since it is simple to signup for a newsletter, customers are willing to do this in exchange for the chance to win a prize.

E-commerce methods of attracting and retaining customers are constantly evolving. With new methods being created by competitors at all times, it is in your best interest to remain ahead of the curve and keep the attention of the customer. This can be done with something as simple as a handwritten note sent with shipped items or by making the customer checkout process easier with a streamlined shopping cart.


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