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Emphasizing “Reliability” in Web Hosting

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One would think that with all the web hosts on the market, picking a reliable provider out of the bunch would be a fairly easy process. Unfortunately, that is not the case at all. Reliability is essential for a website, especially one that handles business transactions or other mission-critical functions. In fact, it can make the difference in whether people become frequent visitors to your site, or simply make one trip and never come back at all. While most companies will advertise a 99.9% uptime guarantee and make the claim of being reliable, not all are in the position to provide you with a dependable service.

The Importance of Reliability

Why is it so important to invest in a reliable web hosting solution? The easy answer would be the peace of mind that stems from knowing your site is always up and running. Just imagine trying to log into your site to make updates or add new content and not being able to do so because the service is down. These days, web users expect more and more from webmasters so if you can’t ensure accessibility, they will not be coming back to your site after suffering a miserable experience the first time. Many businesses have crumbled and never really get off the ground because their websites either ran incredibly slow or were not available at all. If you are concerned about people being able to view your website, signing up with a host that can assure its availability is a must.

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Aids in Credibility

Reliability is not only essential to your website, but your overall web presence as well. On the hosting marketplace, 99.9% has become the standard for uptime so you should expect and accept nothing less from prospective web hosts. Some even have infrastructures in place that allow them to exceed this figure. If a hosting company cannot provide you with a reliable services, the chances of you obtaining success online are very slim. A website that runs slow or is always down because of technical difficulties is one that will send visitors clicking their way to competition and cause you to lose substantial potential revenues. The web host should be the partner that helps you succeed with a website or online business, not lose money and ruin your credibility.

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Obtaining a Reliable Solution

Accessing a hosting company’s reliability can be difficult without actually being a customer. In fact, most web host’s appear very professional and dependable on the surface. However, there are a few approaches you can take before signing up. For example, reviews serve as a great source of information as they tend to carry a lot of useful details about certain companies. Aside from price and features, many of them also hint at the host’s reliability and overall quality of the service. A good mix of expert and user reviews can go a long way in helping you decide what companies are worth a closer look as well as those that should be avoided.


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    I agree, a web host is only as good as the services they provide. Don’t chose the wrong web host and get stuck with an unreliable server. Imagine having the best web site but nobody can access it because your server is always down. Read reviews and customer opinions before you sign any contracts

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