Exploring The Release of Jease 2.0 CMS

The announcement of Jease 2.0 excited those in the content management field. This software is a major progression from the original Jease in that it now provides a full-feature content management system. Two years ago, Jease began as content management framework with a simple, easy-to-use content management system built on top of the platform. Since then, the software has been slowly modified, one step at a time into Jease 2.0.

Improving on an Already Powerful Platform

The primary theme for the latest version to the continued experience from the software developer-oriented content management framework to a more user-friendly system which attempts to make the publishing of content for the Internet as seamless and easy as possible. However, the primary target of Jease is Java web developers who need an easy method of content production on the Internet.

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New Features in Jease 2.0

There are a number of new features found in Jease 2.0. One addition is that of transparent relocation which eliminates broken links when moving or renaming specific content. Also, with the new instant preview function, users will be able to simply click the “view” button without the need to save work prior to a preview. Additionally, the group select feature utilizes the new “select mode” for the dragging and dropping of multiple items simultaneously.

Another helpful new feature is the link checker which is a built-in quality assurance mechanism that finds broken links to external websites automatically. This element keeps your site in constant good health in the eyes of online search engines. Furthermore, the redirection service allows users to create complicated redirection rules from standard regular expressions directly through the content management system.

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Supported Languages

The final major new improvement is the implementation of a translation service. This tool allows for the translation of Jease into the specific language of choice from many different countries. Packaged languages include, English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Chinese and Portuguese. This allows for Jease 2.0 to be utilized by developers and end-users across the globe.

Jease 2.0 appears to be an excellent content management system that has slowly been developing for many years. With the addition of these new features, Jease 2.0 is a much faster and more robust system than the original version. In the near future, many developers will be creating excellent websites with the continued assistance of the Jease 2.0 platform.

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