How to Maintain High Traffic Websites

Websites are growing massive in size and consuming an abundance of resources. With the additions of images, videos, a multitude of links and content, they are bringing in more traffic than ever before. As more guests visit, it becomes difficult to continually maintain the site. This includes approving or rejecting user comments, general maintenance and updates, and creating new content to keep the user interested.

In many cases the organizations that run these massive sites are focused primarily on the applications or constantly improving the website. While these ideas are important, the infrastructure plays a major role and should be part of the maintenance equation.

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Some of the most important topics to remember when maintaining a high traffic website include:

  • Infrastructure focus
  • Consistent monitoring
  • Discovering how your guests feel
  • Managing unexpected traffic spikes

Focusing on these areas will help maintain high traffic websites. Concentrating on infrastructure will ensure the website is running smoothly. This includes regular updates and scheduled maintenance. It also ties in closely with consistent monitoring. By observing various events that are occurring on your website, you will constantly be abreast to the happenings. At some point you should be able to prevent disasters before they occur through preventative measures.

While focused on infrastructure and monitoring, it’s also important to take a general interest in your visitors. While it’s difficult to cater to all of them, try to discover how your guests feel about different areas and content on the website. Through a general consensus, you’ll get an idea of how the masses feel.

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Finally, effectively managing unexpected traffic spikes can be a difficult task. Once again this relates back to infrastructure and actual hardware. You need to find a host that supports scalability and has the resources to handle large traffic spikes without disrupting normal daily operations. This can be tough as a great deal of trust and a solid uptime guarantee must be in place.

Maintaining any website can be a daunting task, especially one that’s exploded and has high traffic. To be able to maintain these users, infrastructure must be well-kept, monitoring must be consistent, listening to your visitors regarding improvements and proper traffic spike management must be implemented. As websites continue to grow, more individuals will be needed to maintain the sites and ensure the majority of visitors are content with what they see.

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