Multiple Domain Hosting for Improved SEO

Keeping track of all of your scheduled tasks as a webmaster can be extremely difficult, especially when you own several web sites and you have to continuously log in and out of various hosting accounts. Search engine optimization is hard enough when you only have one site to focus on, but when you have several, all of which are separated in different control panels, the process is simply tedious and counter-productive for serious webmasters. Multiple domain hosting is offered in nearly every type of hosting environment, from dedicated to shared and everything in between. The following information outlines the most notable benefits that multiple domain hosting has to offer for improved search engine optimization.

Centralized Organization

Maintaining a good SEO campaign requires detailed organization and precise planning. Multiple domain hosting lets you associate all of your SEO campaigns with a single hosting account, which makes it easier for you to schedule mundane administrative events using cron jobs and other tools within the hosting control panel. It can be extremely easy to become confused when trying to manage several different sites in separate control panels. And in many cases you may inadvertently perform a task for one site’s SEO campaign that was intended for another. Having a centralized control panel for all of your sites will ultimately save you time and frustration in the long term.

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Monitoring Progress

Most people gauge their success as a webmaster and SEO professional by how much web traffic their able to pull from the search engines. Fortunately, all web hosting accounts gives you access to basic traffic analytics that can be used to view detailed reports about the daily, weekly and monthly traffic levels of your web sites. However, with multiple control panels to log into, even simple tasks like checking the amount of web traffic can become confusing as you try to keep each site’s statistics separate while also grasping the bigger picture. Multiple domain hosting lets you view all of your sites’ traffic statistics within the same control panel, making it easier for you to monitor your SEO progress for all of your campaigns simultaneously.

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Cost Saving Benefits

Of course, multiple domain hosting also eliminates the multiple hosting bills at the end of each month, which can add up to a ‘small fortune’ if you own more than 10 web sites. With the additional money leftover each month you could purchase a piece of software or a guide that could drastically improve the SEO attributes of your site in the near future. Multiple domain hosting can cost anywhere from $10 per month to $300 a month, depending upon the hosting type you choose. Although dedicated hosting costs more than any other type of multiple domain hosting, most professional webmasters feel as if it is well worth the additional cost because of the amount of server resources that are available, and the freedom you are given over the software configuration of your server. If you only have a few sites that you need t manage SEO campaigns for then you may want to consider a VPS or shared hosting plan.

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