ShopSite Pro Shopping Cart Review

Regardless of your level of expertise as a webmaster, you need a competent and powerful shopping cart solution for your online storefront. Although most shopping carts provide the basic features needed, there is a considerable difference between each product. One software that is gaining a lot of notoriety in the industry recently is ShopSite Pro, which is a robust shopping cart solution that includes a wealth of features that are both unique and useful. The following review outlines some f the the most attractive features and aspects of ShopSite Pro.

Design Features

ShopSite Pro is one of the few browser based shopping cart solutions that does not require you to download or install anything. Surprisingly, even though the software is not installed on the web server, it gives you extensive control over the design of the checkout process. No HTML or coding skills are needed to operate the user-friendly administrative interface that includes a tool bar complete with customizable images, fonts, colors and other design attributes. The software also automatically generates reports that give you a good idea of your progress based on sales statistics that are gathered during the checkout process. Perhaps the most attractive design aspects of ShopSite Pro are its categorization benefits, which let you easily organize your product catalog without extensive experience or internet skills.

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Administrative Control Features

One of the most notable features in the administrative panel is the power edit feature, which lets you edit multiple products simultaneously using a variety of  criteria. This feature is especially useful when managing large amounts of inventory. The admin panel gives you easy access to preferences like shipping options, checkout procedures, merchant processing setups, and inventory display options. Although ShopSite Pro lacks extensive control of back orders and partial shipments, it is easily one of the most robust shopping cart solutions available. As a web site administrator it is important that you ave access to all of the tools needed t keep your store operating smoothly and to maximize your sales for greater profits. ShopSite Pro gives you supreme control over all administrative functions to ensure the steady growth of your business.

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Marketing and Security Features

ShopSite pro is perhaps the best option when it comes to marketing because it gives you the ability to maximize your profits through up-selling and cross-selling automatically during the customer’s checkout experience. The program also allows for affiliate program integration and setup, the generation of comprehensive sales reports, and the ability to send a bulk promotional newsletters to your customers for increased conversions. One of the new features in ShopSite Pro lets you integrate your eCommerce site with social networks for maximized profits. Using ShopSite pro you can attract customers from networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The program also incorporates the usage of SSL as well, which will give you the security needed to continue operating your online storefront without worries or risks associated with insecure web pages. If you need a secure and competent solution for your online storefront then you may want to consider the seemingly endless benefits that ShopSite Pro has to offer.

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