What are the Best Advertising Avenues for Web Hosts?

Large web hosting companies such as GoDaddy are able to create television advertising campaigns that keep the public aware of their brand. These marketing campaigns are expensive endeavors involving a significant amount of time and effort to develop a strategy. The effort and cost is worth it. GoDaddy is a commonly recognized brand name, and […]

How Do You Advertise Your Web Hosting Services?

Web hosting can be a lucrative business, but like any other business venture, it takes a lot of work and time to grow your clientele. Business owners who expect customers to just fall into their laps after launching their businesses will be disappointed when no one shows up. A vital part of effectively launching and […]

Helping Your Client/Business Evolve Web Presence

It’s no secret that the purpose of business, as with life, is to grow and evolve. In life, the bumps and bruises teach us our lessons but in business a skinned knee can cost a small fortune. There are those in business who grow and succeed and those who stagnate and eventually fail. Stagnation is […]

Facebook is the New King – How to Advertise in Their Kingdom


If it seems some days that we focus a little heavily on Facebook when discussing things World Wide Web in the 2010’s, it’s not because we’re personally addicted to Bejeweled Blitz.  We are, but that’s beside the point. A recent study released by EMarketer officially tolled the bell.  Facebook, with its half-billion users, is about […]

Free Hosting Is Not Always The Best Choice

With the economy hitting not only the individual but also businesses, many are looking toward free web hosting services to house their online site.  For monetary reasons, this looks great on the surface.  But going free is not always the best choice and may, in fact, cost your business money in the long run. Ads […]

SaasS Content Management with Clickability

Previously known as cmPublish, the Clickability Platform is a CMS with a different approach on content management.  Developed by CMS provider Clickability, this platform is delivered on an on-demand basis, as well as full service with the company’s “Innovation as a Service” solution.  Aside from content management, the Clickability Platform also offers analytics, email campaign, […]

How Does Cheap Web Hosting Stack Up? A Closer Look at Your Options

Ever wonder why cheap web hosting is so popular these days?  Well for starters, it provides individuals and small businesses with a means for creating a presence online.  It makes sense – but why go cheap when you can pay for something that is more reliable?  Besides, “cheap” doesn’t have the most appealing ring to […]