Is WordPress Really a CMS?

Blogging is still soaring in the Web 2.0 era and WordPress is easily the most popular engine on the market.  This multipurpose blogging software is used for everything from personal diaries to business applications, helping many achieve online notoriety and even more bring in consistent revenue.  Although WordPress is generally referred to as a weblog […]

Fantastico: cPanel’s Best Kept Secret

It is clear to see why cPanel is the leading control panel software.  The intuitive GUI results in ease of use while the rich set of features offers functionality that extends benefits to server administrators, resellers and end-users alike.  Indeed, cPanel has many qualities and one of its greatest attributes is Fantastico. What is Fantastico? […]

What You Should Know About Drupal

Drupal is one of the most widely used content management systems today.  Some hail it as a better alternative to the popular Joomla CMS.  As an open-source solution, Drupal offers an extensive, highly customizable framework that gives you the power to create amazing websites and applications.  Despite its capabilities, the robust nature of Drupal is […]

Meet the CMS Lineup

A content management system or CMS, is a program many developers use to create and edit web pages.  This can all be done on-the-fly as it is essentially an application driven by a database such as MySQL or Postgre SQL.  The major reason why these systems have become so popular is because most of them […]