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Top 9 Ways to Optimize Your WordPress Server for Blazing Fast Speeds

When it comes to content management and coding efficiency, WordPress tends to be one bad mother. Where other content management systems might chug and chortle, WordPress tends to serve up your content with a markedly improved efficiency that makes the folks over at Drupal shiver in their boots. However, just because WordPress is built from […]

Tips for Improving Performance of Your Windows Server 2008 Dedicated Machine

It’s common in the web hosting world to compare the relative benefits of operating systems.  This masks an important fact, though: in all cases, they are what you make of them.  While there are naturally limits to this (no one is running Commodore 64 web hosting), the little improvements you can make to a machine […]

What to do When Everything is Running Well at Your Web Hosting Business

Believe it or not, owning a web hosting company is not always the hectic, out of control affair we think of it as. In fact, a lot of your time may simply be spent in front of your desk playing Solitaire as the bytes travel back and forth. Your servers may finally be running smoothly […]

Using cPanel to Change File Permissions: How and Why?

One option that you might have seen when exploring cPanel is the ability to change your file permissions.  You may know that setting file permissions is important to security, but you may have been overwhelmed by the number of options.  So let’s take a quick refresher course on this topic, because you are right: it […]

Website Restore Business Launched for Business Hosting Customers recently launched their newest service that caters to business hosting clients: “Website Restore”. In the modern digital world, the wrong click of a mouse button can destroy hours of work or expose sensitive information unless secured by a reliable provider. Now website owners have the ability to move in reverse to a secure restore […]

Surviving Website Downtime

Downtime is an annoying occurrence that most website owners experience sooner or later when managing web hosting needs.  Downtime is basically considered as the amount of time that a website is inaccessible to users for various reasons.  While some websites have near perfect uptime rates, others are offline at least a couple of hours each […]

Dedicated Vs Cloud Hosting for File Sharing Web Sites

File sharing web sites are becoming increasingly popular, as they provide a suitable medium through which people can transfer large amounts of data easily and free of cost. Instead of sending files through email, which significantly limits the size of files that can be sent, people are now uploading files to third party web sites […]

Three Simple Tips for Protecting Your Site

These days, it is more important than ever to keep your website current with the latest security measures. Why so much emphasis on security? Because hackers are always looking for ways to penetrate servers and websites to thieve sensitive information. There are is a lot you can do to ensure better website security and the […]

The Insecurity of Web Upload Forms

Convenience aside, allowing anonymous visitors to upload files to your site is pretty much like opening the gates and telling malicious users it is okay to compromise your server. This puts you, the website owner, in a very tough position when considering that such permissions have become a commonality on today’s internet and has proven […]

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