Web Design Problems: FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!

Web design is essential to every business. There are some incredible web designers out there. both as freelancers and members of design studios, they create wondrous sites out of little pixels. The process can be easy and transparent or torturous and a huge failure. Unfortunately, there are reasons why both designer and client bump heads sometimes. […]

Learning to Create Self-Initiated Projects

The 20 Must Have Widgets for WordPress

So, how are those New Year’s resolutions doing for you? Sure, quitting a bad habit is really hard, but there’s one good habit you really need to pick up — pushing yourself towards success. People think it’s the hardest resolution to keep. It may come wrapped in the promise to increase business or just to […]

Working the Right Way with the Right Web Designer

Dealing with creatives is not as easy as it sounds. The difference in those who think with the rights side of their brain (the “creative side”) as opposed to the left (the “business side”), takes some training and understanding for the best results on projects. There are people who have a balance between grey matter […]

LogoThief.com — Theft or Bad Clip Art Usage?

It’s hard to pinpoint one’s feelings about the new site, “LogoThief.com” While it’s always nice to see justice done, one has to wonder if a client has been trapped by logo stealing, if it’s just one of those coincidences, or designers are using dingbats and clip art for what should be copyrighted material?

You’re Finally Online. Now What? Marketing, Social Media And Mobile Marketing

When I speak to students about business, I always make sure to point out that they just can’t sit by the phone and wait for the calls from prospective clients to pour in. This is when their eyes glaze over. The worst argument I ever heard from a student in response to my talk on […]

The New Face of Employment: Freelancers

Since the 2008, market failure and the subsequent problems following it, the face of employment has changed drastically. Employers are trying to develop new ways to lower the cost of doing business, not out of being cheap, but in actual need to keep their companies a float. One of the ways of doing this is […]