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Outsourcing Articles for SEO

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Enjoying success online is great but promoting your website is never the easiest thing to do.  We have all heard that SEO works wonder but not everyone is willing to put in the time intensive labor.  One of the best ways to optimize your site for the search engines is quality articles related to your market or topic.  If you do not have the writers in-house who can produce the content, you should strongly consider outsourcing.

Content is King

More webmasters have come to discover that articles are an excellent way to obtain the relative one-way links and linkable content a website needs to generate search engine traffic.  The internet has opened up many doors for the freelance market.  What this means is that you can contract out some work at around $20 per 400 to 500 word article and possibly less when purchasing them in bulk.  If your site is bringing in steady revenue, this could be a rewarding trade off.

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The greatest advantage of outsourcing articles is that you have the luxury to order content as it is required.  There is no need to worry about employing additional staff or equipment.  Simply hire a professional freelance writer and they handle the content while you focus on other important aspects.  In many cases, freelancers are represented by firms, providing you with access to even more resources and varying levels of expertise.

>What Should You Pay?

When it comes to outsourcing articles, you will find that prices vary greatly, and so do the qualifications.  The truth is that many freelance writers will take on a tremendous amount of work all at once.  While this allows them to maximum their earnings it also impacts turn-around time, meaning your assignment could get put on the back burner.  Realizing this, it is a good rule of thumb to anticipate a short turn-round time at a higher price and longer turn-around at a lower price.  Try to play your cards right in the middle by not going too high or too low on the price.  Instead, take what the contractor has to say into consider and view samples of their past work.  From there, you can determine if the writer is able to meet your needs and then discuss the price.

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What Qualifications Should You Look For?

Price will always be a factor but qualifications is quite possibly the most important aspect of all.  Some writers could be more effective at crafting catchy headlines while some may excel at writing the specific content.  In fact, many writers may not fully understand the ever changing SEO tactics or LSI considerations. You will also find writers who are well versed with technical subjects and others who specialize in a wide range of genres.  The key is finding one who is able to convey the tone of your website while still factoring in search engine optimization techniques.

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In the end, outsourcing your articles will require that you communicate the messages you want expressed to a writer.  However, the bright side is that when you get the right individual or team on your side, you can dramatically boost productivity and ensure that your website remains appealing in the eyes of your readers and the search engines.



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