Warning: Using Amazon.com to Dupe Sellers

Season shopping generates tremendous additional traffic to ecommerce stores. As a result, many cyber criminals see this as an opportunity to scam the unsuspecting public. Online shopping is simple, fast and convenient. Sites like Amazon.com are popular places to complete your holiday shopping list. To capitalize, some hackers have created customized, fake receipts for their […]

‘Tis the Season to Prevent Online Fraud

Whether you’re a small business with an online presence, or a multi-million e-commerce enterprise, online fraud doesn’t discriminate.  Even as individual protecting personal investments, with the holiday upon us, it’s imperative to remain vigilant to prevent online shopping fraud.  Regardless of your angle, as a website owner you should lead by example, and provide visitors […]

Ecommerce Site Building Checklist

Building an eCommerce web site involves many aspects, most of which are overlooked by the novice webmaster. Building a checklist before you build a web site can help you create a site that is enjoyable for your visitors, and profitable for your business. Gradually understanding the construction of a successful eCommerce site is the best […]

Converting Visitors to Buyers Using Standard eCommerce Features

Many online business owner place a great deal of emphasis on the marketing and design of their website, assuming that these two efforts alone will bring them a large return on their investment. However the truth is, the functionality of the website is also a huge factor in converting visitors into sales. You have to […]

Improving Customer Relations with Live Chat Support

customer support

It is important to have every edge you can over the competition in today’s highly competitive business environment. Internet technologies have matured and because of this, online shoppers have come to expect more from online sellers. In a fast-paced virtual world where almost everything has become automated, having the ability to wow your customers with […]