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Improving Customer Relations with Live Chat Support

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It is important to have every edge you can over the competition in today’s highly competitive business environment. Internet technologies have matured and because of this, online shoppers have come to expect more from online sellers. In a fast-paced virtual world where almost everything has become automated, having the ability to wow your customers with sophisticated support features could be the critical selling point that persuades them to choose you over the competition. There are many features that can help you automate support tasks and live chat is one of the most effective.

Live chat support is no longer a rarity or even a novelty feature. In fact, it has become a common tool over the last few years. More online businesses are incorporating this service into their e-commerce sites and if you’re not, you could be missing out on potential customers and sales.

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How Live Chat Support Works

Live chat is a comprehensive tool that shouldn’t take long to master. Unlike help desk applications, the installation process is quite simple. In most cases, all you have to do is paste a little snippet of programming code into the source code area of your web page. This code typically generates a Live Chat Request button on the page. When enabled, the service sends notification through a hosted chat server that a visitor has landed on your site. You can then watch in real-time as the visitor navigates your web page. You can approach them any time to strike up a chat regarding products or to ask if they need help with anything. This is quite similar to the personalized service you get in a brick and mortar store

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Whenever potential customers have questions, they can initiate a chat by clicking on a designated button on your website. Once the private message window has been launched, the visitor can enter information in fields you previously defined and click the “Chat” button. This will send a chat request to the server, allowing you to review and decide if you want to accept. If you choose to, a private chat window opens up on your end, thus facilitating a real-time messaging session between you and the visitor. Sometimes customers want answers in an instant, and with a live chat system enabled on your site, you will have the power to deliver.

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Live Chat Benefits

Live chat support can help you to enhance confidence in visitors and increase customer satisfaction. Long email delays are becoming increasingly damaging while lengthy hold times on the phone frustrates customers even more. With live chat, your customers can get the answers they need on the spot and when they’re satisfied, they are far more likely to return.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of live chat is cost savings. This feature will allow you to cut back significantly on costly support calls and possibly lower the number of support staff members. The representatives you do have on hand can use their time more efficiently and make sure your customers get the best service possible.


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